Language is the most important means of communication. Communication means the linguistic interaction between people. When we communicate with others, we share a lot, we talk about our feelings. Linguistic communication is one of the great things our brain can do. Multilingualism and foreign language learning have many positive effects on our brain. In addition, multilingualism can promote your social life.

Multilingualism and sanity

Many studies have shown that multilingualism improves our cognitive skills. When we use foreign languages, the various areas in our brain are networked. This leads to the fact that our memory capacity is improved.

Learning a language keeps your brain fit and increases your brain performance and memory.

When using foreign languages, we are constantly training the brain. Our mind is constantly busy and under pressure to express itself correctly or to choose the right grammatical forms. That is why bilingual people are particularly good at multitasking. You can simply concentrate better and switch between different activities.

The bilingual or multilingual people have improved cognitive abilities. When learning a foreign language, you always have to choose between different learning methods, as the learning method is adapted to each new language. Learning a foreign language increases the ability to learn.

Multilingualism and social skills:

If you know a foreign language, you get to know a new foreign culture at the same time. Learning a foreign language enables us to immerse ourselves in a new world and culture and broaden our horizons. People are shaped by their cultures. If we are multilingual and know different cultures and mentalities, we can understand others better and see the world through different eyes.

When communicating with people from different countries with different traditions, cultures and mentalities, one often notices different ways of thinking and acting. This often means that you have to question your own opinions and adapt them to the situation. So you can show yourself to be more open and tolerant towards others. Multilingualism can further develop your compassion.

Multilingual people can quickly make new friends. You often have an international circle of friends. If someone does not have international friends, there are always online language exchanges and language meetings available. There are many online platforms that allow you to connect with people from all over the world. You can get in touch with them online, chat with those in their mother tongue and practice your language. Ultimately, you can become friends with them and promote your social life. It would be even better if you could visit your online friends in their home country.

Multilingualism gives you the opportunity to get to know the vacation spots in an authentic way. You can get along better with the locals. If you have no language barrier with the inhabitants of the country you are visiting, you can ask them directly what you should do, visit, try… A trip with knowledge of the national language is simply more fun!

We all had such experience that we downloaded the film but just couldn’t find the right subtitles. Many films, series and reports have a completely different effect if you can see or follow them in their original language. You can’t translate anything convincingly into the target language.

It is also a good feeling when you have mastered a foreign language and can finally understand the full text of your favorite songs in that language.

The more languages ​​you know, the more career and advancement opportunities you have! A résumé immediately looks better if you have a lot of foreign language skills. Knowing foreign languages ​​means that you have invested in yourself, are hardworking and are ready to test your own limits. Mastering a foreign language means spending many hours in front of the computer, reading a lot of literature in the target language, doing a lot of grammar exercises or constantly practicing pronunciation. You open up many opportunities in your professional life, with any language you know. You can z. B. negotiate better with foreign business partners. Plus, if you speak to them in their native language, people will trust you more. Due to globalization, many well-known companies are opening their branches worldwide.

With your foreign language skills, you have more chances to find a good job or to advance professionally.

It has been proven that language learning promotes creativity. Using a foreign language requires constant mental activity and new thinking patterns. Creativity can promote your everyday professional life and bring many new professional opportunities.