What have we been waiting for and finally the time has come: the sun is back! Now it’s time to get out into the fresh air and enjoy the weather. But if you’re thinking, “So what do I do then?” don’t worry. We’ve worked our brains and collected the top 10 outdoor activities for you.


Activity 1: Soak up the sun

It might not sound that exciting at first, but when was the last time you lay down on the grass and just looked up at the sky? Whatever answer you come up with, do it again. Because what could be better than feeling the sun on your face and letting everyday life be everyday life.


Activity 2: Geocaching

Games, fun and movement: This is the triad that has made geocaching one of the hottest leisure sports. GPS scavenger hunt is about finding published coordinates for treasure using a GPS receiver. Perfect if you get a spontaneous thirst for adventure on a sunny day.


Activity 3: Yoga

What is already a delight for your own well-being indoors, you should definitely try out in the fresh air. Just pack a mat, look for a nice spot in the sun and off you go. If you still need a bit of guidance, no problem either: there are now apps that explain exactly what you have to do to get into the yoga flow.


Activity 4: Outdoor Giant Chess

We have the ideal outdoor activity for everyone who likes to challenge their brain cells and doesn’t want to do without the sun: outdoor giant chess combines both. In many cities there are now the popular playing fields that combine tactical finesse with sun tanning.


Activity 5: Slacklining

Gone are the days when slacklining was smiled at as a trend sport. Balancing on the synthetic fiber band that is stretched between two trees has long since arrived in the middle of our sports society. So don’t hesitate, pack your slackline and off you go to the nearest park.


Activity 6: Boules

The evergreen from France is still an untopped export hit. But be careful, when you try to hit the small ball with your own big balls, you need a sure instinct. But you will be rewarded with a lot of fun. So grab your friends and go for it.


Activity 7: BBQ, chilling for the sake of the sun

With the beginning of the sunny season, it starts again: the barbecue season. To bring a bit of variety to the traditional food culture, here is a little tip: Simply tuck a picnic grill under your arm and move the BBQ to the nearest river or lake. And you will see that grilled vegetables and meat taste twice as good in nature.


Activity 8: Afterwork Party

Who doesn’t know this: The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the whole world except you can enjoy the weather. Because: you are still in the office or home office and the end of the day is a long way off. But no reason to mope. Just grab a few colleagues after work and enjoy the remaining rays of sunshine in a park of your choice.


Activity 9: Urban Knitting

Would you like some peaceful activism on a summer’s day? Then urban knitting is the perfect leisure activity for you. This street art form is about changing objects in public space through knitting. So on the knitting needles, get set, go and jump up your own surroundings a bit. This is handicrafts like a grandma but outdoors.


Activity 10: Ultimate Frisbee

Playing Frisbee is fun, but what if you want it to be a little more competitive and you have a few friends with you? That’s right, then it’s Ultimate Frisbee time!