Outsourcing some of your services can save up to 60% on the overall process expenses.


• Inbound

• Backoffice

• Outbound

• Procurement

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• IT Support

• Marketing

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Unlock top talent with our seamless recruiting service. We excel in sourcing, screening, and managing the process for you. Rely on our expertise for exceptional results.

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Lead generation
  • Advanced automated recruiting process


We provide our telephone support service 24/7 daily. We answer customer inquiries on your behalf, process orders, schedule appointments and deal with customer complaints in highest. In accordance with your company, SLA’s and KPI’s are precisely defined and agreed with focus on enabling your business growth.


  • Purchase order processing
  • Secretariat
  • Complaints processing
  • Data collection
  • Customer Support


Our vast experience throughout the years with lead generation, telephone sales funnels or direct sales on the phone guarantees improvement of your current sales processes and elevating sales ratio. Specialized in lead generation, survey, appointments, sales.

Specialized in

Lead generation

Customer survey

Arranging appointments


Back office

Our experienced team members take care of all ongoing correspondence (outbound/inbound, mail/chat and social media), while maintaining the satisfaction of your customers at highest possible level at the same time. As a result of multiple successfully completed projects, our agents will make sure that all of your back-office process are running smoothly.


  • Purchase order processing
  • Invoicing
  • Quality control
  • General administrative tasks


With years of experience and working with some of the biggest names in the industry we are confident that through monitoring and assessing the procurement process any weak spots or inefficiencies will be improved.

  • Handling requests for our clients
  • Handling ordering processes via the client's and resource planning system SAP
  • Processing of invoices and clarifications
  • Tracking of deliveries of goods and services rendered
  • Communication with clients and suppliers or service providers
  • Creation of new suppliers
  • Maintenance of company-related data
  • Tracking the number of requests completed daily, weekly and monthly

IT Support

Outsourced IT help desk may be a new concept for you. Through ticketing system we guarantee you a professional and expert support, whether it is related to installing programs on PC users, supporting your network system or maintaining servers. At the same time, this concept empowers your employees to become informed users.


  • Helpdesk Support
  • Server Support
  • CRM System Support
  • IT User Academy


B2C and B2B Social media marketing and management

  • Production: Marketing campaigns, promotion videos (YT video, advertising
  • SEO optimization
  • Web design and editing
  • Brand promotion
  • Target audience research: Ads Manager, Business Manager, Community funnel.
  • Working on a social media numbers feedback and optimizing outreach

Video Campaigns

Short promo video (text)

Our classic short promo video lasts between 15 and 30 seconds, with the content completely dependent on your brand, product, and vision. The main purpose of the short promo video is to provide a snappy piece of professional promotion that can be distributed anywhere and everywhere, including social media, emails, websites, YouTube, and more. The key to a successful short promo video is to create something that tells your story, engages the viewer throughout, and leaves them wanting more.

The company culture video

Our company culture videos are all about bringing new talent into your business. Of course, the vast majority of company branding is catered toward customers and clients but attracting the right level of employees is often just as important. Employees are the face of your brand and are a crucial cog in the wheel to growth. The best way to attract your dream employees is to put your best examples of current employees in the company culture video.

Lifestyle photography for your brand

Lifestyle photography is an essential part of selling your product. Putting a product within a pre-designed scene allows you to optimize its best features and sell its most attractive qualities. We often use scenery, props, and models in order to best sell the product in these photographs. The aim of the game is for your viewers to be able to imagine the product not only on the screen, but in their hands too.

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