With recent events around the world, many companies and their employees have had to reinvent their normally established work routine and challenge themselves by rethinking which components really make an effective and efficient work environment. One of the biggest and most frequent changes that were made was the relocation of her workplace to a so-called “home office”.

One of the prerequisites for a successful home office experience is to imitate the surroundings of your workplace as closely as possible and thus restore the feeling and need for professionalism and balance. The position of a call center agent in such a scenario is extremely beneficial.

Home office offers us the rare opportunity to be natural, courageous and self-confident in fulfilling our tasks and to feel comfortable and relaxed at the same time. This lends itself to the idea that we perceive our home as a place of comfort. This helps workers avoid the often unnecessary and unjustified stress and anxiety associated with work.

Without having to travel to work on a rainy day, the alternative of staying in comfortable clothes or pajamas all day makes you think that you can do this for months until you can no longer draw the line between home and work.

Over time, as home office becomes a necessity, workers who have become accustomed to it run the risk of feeling isolated. The lack of outside interaction between employees and customers can take its toll, diminish work ethic and the joy that this activity once brought about. Dealing with isolation can be self-deprecating. So do not hesitate to contact your colleagues or superiors and receive virtual support and motivation.

So if you feel like you need a change of pace, just dress up as usual for work, put on makeup, have a nice warm cup of coffee, and sign up!

Good luck “home-officing”.