Employee productivity depends on the stress level and work atmosphere. It’s crucial to establish a healthy environment and take care of the well-being of every worker, so they feel safe, valued and equipped to do their job in an effective manner.

Psychology should be implemented in recruitment, training, performance, salaries, motivation and everyday interactions. We have to keep a positive attitude throughout the career, especially now, since the Covid 19 virus burdened us with isolation, depression and constant worries.

Challenging days at work don’t necessarily reduce the team’s performance, but sometimes deadlines and other obstacles make it impossible to stay upbeat and positive. Many firms have organizational psychologists or meetings in order to identify areas in need of improvement, talk to employees about their needs, eventual problems or disagreements between them.

There is a huge difference between criticism and constructive feedback. You should never shout or insult anyone, even if they make a mistake, calmly approach the subject, try praising where praise is due and then suggest changes and help them through the process. If you act disappointed or dissatisfied it will further demotivate and discourage the employee, making him feel unsuitable for his job or even make him quit out of fear of making more mistakes.

Another thing that occurs even in the healthiest teams is gossip. Weather team members gossip about someone’s status, problems, mistakes or express jealousy, you shout stay away. You should treat all colleagues with respect, they may be going through a difficult phase in their life, may not be good at socializing or are insecure, just give them time and treat everyone politely, the same way you would like someone to treat you.

Teamwork comes first! Compliment and pat your employees and show them that you notice their hard work. Be understanding when someone is tired, troubled or unsure. Help them overcome the obstacles and don’t focus on the negative sides.

Harassment on work affects the mind, body, self confidence and brakes the employee mentally. This must not be allowed or tolerated! It can be any kind of behavior which is hostile or unwanted from one individual or group in the workplace to another individual. Employers have a moral and legal obligation to ensure that none of their employees are subject to unwanted psychological harassment, as this negatively impacts workers’ ability to do their job.

Based on a number of reports, employees who are satisfied, happy, and find value at work usually do better than those who are overlooked or disgruntled over their work situations. Because of that many companies decided to implement healthy meals, background music or quiet spaces and other tools to ease the stress.