Everyone talks about it, everyone makes an effort and everyone would like to have it: a healthy work-life balance. But what is it actually and, above all, how do you find this balance?

Work-life balance is a healthy work-life balance. The term work-life balance stands for a state in which work and private life are in harmony with one another. It is therefore clear that work-life balance is a balanced state between our work and our (rest of) life. So far so good. But an average working day lasts at least eight hours for most of them. So there is not so much time left for the rest of life. A very simple calculation. In addition, many people pick up their mobile phones again shortly after work, check the emails and the appointments for the next day. So there is no question of separating work and everyday life, how do we achieve a good work-life balance?


Short break

We can all still remember when we came back to work after three weeks of vacation – yes, it was relaxing, but immediately afterwards: a mountain of remaining work and an overflowing inbox. Then you should think about whether you should take the vacation days in small bites or all at once! It is better to travel for a week more often than for three weeks at a time.

Family and work

Anyone who has a family and works knows the problem. Urgent to-do’s are waiting at work, the children want to be picked up from school, and what about shopping? While the labor market has improved a lot, the working mothers are often the ones torn between work and life. Most things can’t wait much, so flexible working hours, home office solutions, assistance through time management seminars are some of the ways in which you can help employees to create a better balance between work and life.

Walking against stress

We talk a lot about it, especially in times of the pandemic, that nature is good for us. Not only in our body, but also in our mind. Instead of doing all the things after work and getting to bed, you should find the time to do something good for yourself and go hiking in the fresh air. If you have the time to sit in front of the television, you also have the time to go for a walk in the countryside!

Do sports

Physical balance is also important to us. However, if you find it difficult to switch off while jogging in the park, you should look for a sport that requires a certain amount of concentration. This also quickly banishes the thoughts on work.


At the end of the day it is important that we are not only good co-workers and friends / family members, but also that we ourselves feel comfortable in our bodies. The above-mentioned types of coping can then also provide a good basis for not only separating work from leisure time, but also being able to better organize our leisure time. To-do lists that you can tick off after something has been done, better time organization, as well as finding time for yourself, are the steps to a better general quality of life!